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Firm’s ‘Humanist’ Approach to Graduate Scheme Led to BAAs Win

award winning accountancy manchester

Kamlesh Rajput, founder of Sterling Finance, winners of the graduate and non-graduate programme of the year award at the 2019 British Accountancy Awards, discusses why their programme set them apart from the other nominees, which included some top-20 firms, to take home the award. Author :  Chris Jewers Date published : December 16, 2019 Link […]

HMRC Simplifies Importing From The EU As Part Of No-Deal Preparation

HMRC Simplifies Importing From The EU As Part Of No-Deal Preparation

HMRC has announced simplified procedures for business importing from EU as part of its no deal Brexit preparation. Letters have been sent to 145,000 VAT registered business trading with the EU with procedures and actions they will need to take. These transitional simplified procedures will make importing easier for an initial period for one year, […]

Paperwork You Need For Self Assessment

paperwork you need for self employment

It will make things much easier if you have the right papers before you try to fill in your return. If you intend to file on-line, it often helps to fill in a paper copy of the return first, so that you know you have all the right figures. The type of records you need […]

Better Business Telecoms

Telecoms in business

Better Business Telecoms Today’s telecoms technology can do more than simply save time and money. Therefore you can use the technology to attract customers, manage incoming and outgoing calls, hold conference calls and more. Telecommunications is the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means and refers to all types of data, voice and […]

Non-Taxable Employee Benefits And Payments

Non-Taxable Employee Benefits And Payments

An employer can provide benefits to employees on which the employee is not taxable. This can vary from advice on pensions to work-related training. Annual parties which cost no more than £150 per head. Carers’ board and lodging. Costs of purchasing assets from employees. The benefit of the employer funding certain kinds of independent advice […]

Is Your Accountant Qualified?

Is Your Accountant Qualified?

We assume that anyone who calls himself or herself as “accountant” is properly qualified, trained, experienced and competent. So ask yourself these questions How do you know the advice you are given by your accountant is legally sound? What if your accountant makes mistake? Can you report your accountant to the regulatory body? Who will […]

British Accountancy Awards Finalist

Sterling Finance Wins British Accountancy Award 2019

We are delighted to announce that Sterling Finance (UK) Limited have been nominated for the 2019 British Accountancy Awards. Out of Several categories, we have been successfully shortlisted for the Graduate and Non-Graduate Programme of the Year. We are delighted to share this moment of pride with our staff, clients, suppliers and well-wishers. The awards ceremony […]

Motivating Employees

There are companies out their that fair to understand the importance of employee motivation. There are several reasons why employee motivation is important. I am not going to go into them all. Motivated employees lead to increased productivity that help organisations to achieve higher levels of output.  Advantages of employee motivation are: Increased employee commitment […]

Do I Need a Business Plan?

business plan services

It will aid you through a process where you will have many options to choose from with the aim of generating wealth/profit. The plan will help you make more rational and thought-through decisions in order to keep your business thriving and generating profit. To add value every business competes on price, quality, quantity, niche, innovation […]

Borrowing From Company Increases Tax Liability

When a director of a company takes money from the company other than salary and expenses, there is a risk of 32% tax payment. You must keep clear records of all transactions between director and the company. When you are thinking of borrowing money, your first thought is usually let’s borrow from personal or family […]