Our bookkeeping services are accurate, non-intrusive and are suitable for businesses of all sizes

Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping is the key to saving tax legally. However, it needs to be done properly. Our bookkeeping services are accurate, non-intrusive and are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Sterling Finance can take away the hassle of bookkeeping to give you more free time to grow your business. Why waste time on your books, when you could be out there generating new customers and increasing revenue?

Fact is, if your books are not kept properly, they can increase your tax liability (which means you could end up paying more tax than you actually owe). We make sure that bookkeeping is carried out with a tax saving focus. Savings for tax and VAT depend on how the bookkeeping is structured in compliance with legal requirements, and that is where our expertise comes in. Our bookkeeping services follow the letter of the law – which is actually tilted in your favour if done correctly.

Here are some examples of why proper bookkeeping is essential for any business:

  • One missing invoice for £1000 will lead to at least a £200 extra tax bill.
  • Not properly distinguishing capital and revenue expenditure can increase your annual tax bill by several per cent.
  • If your business net profit margin is 10%, then every £10 we save is worth £100 of your turnover.

We offer fixed competitive fees that are payable monthly so that you can spread out bookkeeping costs. This will help you keep control of your cashflow. Keeping an accurate record of all financial transactions will ensure your annual accounts are properly filed, with all income and expenses tracked.

Sterling Finance has designed cost effective bookkeeping processes to help save VAT and tax legally for years. Our experienced team actively looks for missing invoices and expenses to ensure that all costs are fully accounted for. If you are looking for hassle-free, no-nonsense bookkeeping services for your business, we are the team to call. Call us on 0161 339 4989 to find out more.

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