Why Sterling Finance

Why Sterling Finance?

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Experience, Personal Service & Flexibility

For years we have been a trusted advisor to all manner of businesses. Our Partners and staff have worked in professional accountancy practices all their working lives, and their experience with other similar clients and businesses will show when they respond to your urgent query. You can always expect the best advice.

Trust & Fees That Are Fixed & Fair

We are regulated by the ACCA – the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Our practice licence is issued by ACCA. We adhere to the highest standards and comply with ACCA’s regulations, including their code of ethics and conduct. We are monitored to ensure that we comply with relevant regulations and standards. To be awarded the ACCA Quality Checked accolade, a firm has its quality controls and procedures assessed by a member of ACCA’s monitoring team.

The assessment covers all the professional services the firm provides as well as how the firm manages its practice. A non-technical review is also undertaken at the firm’s offices to confirm that the quality controls and related procedures are working effectively.

With all new clients, we provide an estimate of the expected fees in advance. We always provide in writing a maximum expected fee level, so you are aware of charges. We will then do our utmost to ensure that we complete your work efficiently and keep the fees to the minimum necessary. Fees can be paid in monthly instalments spread over the year or over a couple of months after the work has been completed. We can also accept payment by debit or credit card to suit your needs.

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