Better Business Telecoms

Telecoms in business

Better Business Telecoms

Today’s telecoms technology can do more than simply save time and money. Therefore you can use the technology to attract customers, manage incoming and outgoing calls, hold conference calls and more. Telecommunications is the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means and refers to all types of data, voice and video transmission. However, when looking at telecoms systems there are many areas to consider and investigate.

The right number

When you are running your own business the number you choose can have an immediate impact on your customers and give information about your company and sort of relationship you are expecting.  Furthermore, a non-geographic number can help you present a consistent image of your business and hide its location. For instance types of non-geographic numbers are:

  • You can use a freephone number
  • Low call charge numbers
  • Special services number sharing 087
  • Special numbers that can be exploited for marketing purposes
  • Premium rate numbers
  • International 0800 if you advertise oversea

Getting online

Today people use internet day in day out by everyone, especially business owners. The Internet is essential for business owners. Nowadays high-speed connections are widely available and affordable. However, you should consider:

  • ADSL and fiber are the cheapest ways to connect your business to the internet.
  • Leased lines are permanently open digital connections used only by your business
  • If you connect to the internet your IT network can be used to handle voice as well

Call Management

Call management is the process of designing and implementing inbound telephone call parameters, which govern the routing of these calls through a network. Furthermore, calls are routed according to the setup of calling features within the given system. For example call queues, IVR and Recorded announcements. Subsequently, areas to consider when looking at call management are:

  • Interactive voice response (IVR) systems offer customers a menu
  • Implemented well, voicemail offers advanced call answering and handling features
  • Small businesses may benefit from a virtual reception

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