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Help Offered For British Post Office Scandal Victims

post office scandal help

It is not right.   The current issue with the Post Office scandal.   We at Sterling Finance UK Ltd, empathise with those affected and would like to offer “pro-bono” support in providing tax advice. We are based in North Manchester and our contact details are found on this page:   Here are the key […]

Import Export and Custom Control From 01 Jan 2022

importing and exporting after brexit

HMRC is reminding traders to prepare for customs changes that come into effect on 1 January 2022 which will increase checks and customs declarations. Under the new rules, businesses will no longer be able to delay making import customs declarations under the Staged Customs Controls rules that have applied during 2021. Most customers will have […]

Struggling To Pay Tax – What Should You Do?

HMRC Granted New Powers To Crack Down On Covid-19 Related Fraud

The January self-assessment payment deadline is not well-timed, falling as it does in a month when people may be already struggling to pay their Christmas credit card bills. However unpalatable the 31 January tax deadline is, it is not one that should be ignored. Taxpayers who are within self-assessment will need to pay any remaining […]

Construction Industry Scheme

construction industry scheme

How to work out whether it applies – practical problems on submission, penalties The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) requires the registration of anyone who works in that industry, be that a sole trader or a company. The registration rule includes the largest of businesses if that business is paid by another engaged in construction operations. […]

Happy Diwali 2021

Happy Diwali 2021 from Sterling Finance

Diwali is the last day of the Hindu calendar. This year Diwali is on Thursday 04 November 2021. The next day, Friday 05 November is Hindu New Year. Diwali is a festival of light and colours. It is an auspicious Hindu festival of inspiration and hope. It reminds us of the duty of caring and […]

UK Non-Domestic Business Rates 2021

non domestic business rates

BUSINESS RATES IN ENGLAND AND WALES How your rates are calculated Business rates are payable on most non-domestic properties, including buildings part-used for non-domestic activity. A property’s rateable value (RV) is based on a Valuation Office Agency (VOA) valuation using open market rental values as of 1 April 2015, which is then multiplied by a […]

Why Do SMEs Need a Business Development Manager?

Why Do SMEs Need a Business Development Manager?

The long and short of it is that all businesses need business development. Long gone are the days of employing a salesperson, calling in on a company and taking an order.  In my opinion the title of “salesperson” no longer does the role justice.  Nowadays companies are too busy; most won’t even see anybody without […]

What to Look For in an Accountant For Housing Associations?

What to Look For in an Accountant For Housing Associations?

There are strict requirements for the accounts of housing associations and private registered providers of social housing, so having a knowledgeable accountant will be a worthwhile investment for your non-profit. But what should you look for in an accountant for housing associations? How should you go about choosing one? In this article, we’ll discuss what […]

Looking For an Accountant For Your Post Office Business?

Looking For an Accountant For Your Post Office Business?

The unique nature of taxes, sales and transactions at a Post Office mean that your accounting requirements are probably quite complex. You may be overpaying on your taxes or perhaps your post master’s salary has become unsustainable. Demand may have fallen due to the coronavirus, or you could be facing a shortage of trained staff […]

Beware Tax Scams

read about tax scam

HMRC regularly warn taxpayers to be alert to fraudsters purporting to be from HMRC. Recently, they announced that in the last year they deactivated more than 20,000 fake HMRC websites, an increase of 29% on the previous year. HMRC have also called on people to stay vigilant to avoid falling for tax refund scams. The […]