Help Offered For British Post Office Scandal Victims

post office scandal help

It is not right.   The current issue with the Post Office scandal.   We at Sterling Finance UK Ltd, empathise with those affected and would like to offer “pro-bono” support in providing tax advice. We are based in North Manchester and our contact details are found on this page:   Here are the key […]

Charity Dinner In Support Of Mental Health Awareness

Curry On Business Charity Dinner

Sterling Finance (UK) Limited continues to be committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.   We look to encourage everyone who is connected with our business to participate in social and charity activities with the aim of strengthening relationships. In 2002 we launched a local networking group “Curry On Business” where local businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals meet every […]

Sterling Finance Raises £6,000 For The Anthony Seddon Funds

On 15 February 2022, Curry On Business organised a charity dinner for the benefit of The Anthony Seddon Fund in Greater Manchester.  The guest speaker was Mr. Gerald Ratner, former CEO of the Ratner Group. The event marked the 10th Anniversary of Curry On Business, a non-profit networking group, in support of local businesses. Kamlesh […]

Director’s Loan And Tax

Entrepreneur’s Relief – Don’t Miss It

‘Bed and breakfasting rules’ – Director’s loan account – borrowing, repaying and then borrowing again – ‘arrangements’ Throughout an accounting period, a director will withdraw monies from the company against the director’s loan account (DLA), the withdrawals being satisfied usually by the taking of a salary and/or bonus) and/or dividends (dividends being preferable as no […]

Dynamic PAYE Tax Coding

Dynamic PAYE Tax Coding

Under the PAYE ‘Real-Time Information’ scheme employers report to HMRC electronically before making any salary or wage payments. To ensure that the right amount of tax is deducted the employer uses the Code issued by HMRC. However, every PAYE Code Number is an estimate, since HMRC cannot guarantee the allowances or deductions included in the […]

Capital Gain Tax And Different Relief

Different ways of deferring CGT by selling or gifting a business asset – hold-over relief, roll-over relief etc. Capital gains tax (CGT) is levied on capital gains made on the disposal (including gifts) of most assets. However, if the disposal is of ‘business assets’ by a trader (including a personal trading company) then it is […]