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Kamlesh Rajput, M.Com. FCCA

Kamlesh Rajput is the founder and chairman of Sterling Finance Group. Sterling Finance UK Limited is a Chartered Certified Accountancy and business advisory practice. Kamlesh has managed the business & finance activities in the UK, USA, Germany, Spain & Middle East. He has mentored and advised entrepreneurs since 1997 including the founder and CEO of AccessPay, a leading software company where he also took the role of Chief Financial Officer.

Kamlesh is recognised and respected nationally and internationally as a major force in finance, tax consultancy and corporate legal compliance services. Tax investigation, business planning, corporate finance and international trade and finance are his key areas of expertise.  He has received several awards including British Accountancy Award, Accountancy Excellence, Dale Carnegie Institute, Pride of Tameside and Greater Manchester Asian Business Leaders.

The Sterling Group promotes the philosophy of “Family Values” to achieve good governance and corporate social responsibilities.

Kamlesh has been and is still involved in various appointments, here are some to name a few:

Having an extensive and very balanced experience in his various activities, he achieved Gold Award for highest achievement at Dale Carnegie Institute, Manchester in 1997, for human relations, and Fast 50 Awards for fastest growing technology business (north England) 2000 & 2001, by Royal Bank of Scotland. Being bilingual helps him to offer a wider choice of services through being able to communicate in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. In addition, Kamlesh Rajput has gained much experience in areas such as:

Import & Export Expertise

Since 1993, Kamlesh has worked in the corporate sector of software manufacturing and in the textile industry where his import and export expertise helped the business grow faster. In 1997, he became a member of the board of a software manufacturing start-up business that grew its operations in the UK, Germany, USA, India, Australia and Qatar. He was later appointed a Group Finance Executive for a multi-national software manufacturing company.

Business Plan

Kamlesh is renowned as one of the best writers of Business Plans.  He has, to date, maintained 100% success rate in achieving business funding where he has written the Business Plan.  His knowledge in banking, business finance, equity finance, international trade and accountancy provides a unique context in writing the perfect plan.

In 2021, Kamlesh has created a new definition of the Business Plan.
“Business Plan is a process of examining and challenging mind-map of an entrepreneur to convert into a reliable and implementable road map.” Copyright © Kamlesh Rajput 2021.


Kamlesh Rajput is very much involved in his own business but always seems to find time to talk to his clients and staff, whilst maintaining other interests. He actively takes part in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, where he was the President in Manchester for two years, between 2007-2009.

Since 2010, he has been involved with the University of Wales in the capacity of external examiner for Chartered Accountancy Courses and MSc Courses. Kamlesh has been involved with various charities since 2008 and worked as a visiting CIMA lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, Salford University and Oldham Business School.

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In 2011 Kamlesh founded “CurryOnBusiness”, a non-profit Business network, who’s monthly meeting attracts many entrepreneurs, professionals and academics. He has been involved in BNI and served as Director Consultant of the Manchester North region and President of a BNI Stronghold Chapter.  He has been a host for an Asian Sound Radio and a teacher at a local community school in the UK.

In his free time, Kamlesh loves to play cricket, read, listen to music and work for a local charity, as well as spending time with his relatives and friends. Best of all, he likes to understand his clients and their business in order to support and share his expert advice.