Sterling Finance will ensure the accuracy of your corporation tax return and act on your behalf

Tax Planning Services


A Corporation Tax Return, or CT600, must be sent to HMRC within a set period of time to avoid late filing penalties and interest. The Return must also be filled in accurately to ensure compliance with the law.

We can help you with your Corporation Tax Return in a few ways, including:

A tax return prepared at the last minute puts pressure on you to find immediate cash to pay your tax liability. HM Revenue & Customs’ bank account is not part of faster payment systems. A cheque posted to HMRC is not accepted as payment until the funds are received in HMRC’s bank account. If your Corporation Tax Return is due soon and you need help filing it, we are the people to call for a solution.

If your return is due soon or you are planning for the future, we will make sure your company complies with the law. We can also assist with investigations into your corporation tax return. This reduces your burden and ensures you cooperate with HMRC. We’ll communicate with HMRC on your behalf to find a resolution.

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