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Tax Investigation Service

tax investigation service

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is under relentless pressure to raise money for the government from increased tax receipts. Inevitably that means more tax and VAT investigation. In 2017-18 HMRC collected £30.3 billion through compliance activity. How is HMRC collecting more money? HMRC’s Connect System is an £80m investment programme and now contains over 22bn […]

How to Survive a Tax Investigation

tax investigation service

Running a business always stretches us outside our comfort zone. Every day is different.  We all do more than 1 job in our business. Sometime we delegate few tasks however many little mundane duties we like to do it ourselves.  One of them is opening the post. So we are looking at the pile of […]

Tax Investigation Case Studies

TAX INVESTIGATION CASE STUDIES  Contractor/ Freelancer Clients  VAT – HMRC have been increasing active in the contractor market, particularly where the Flat Rate Scheme is concerned. By the time we’ve dealt with the visit and the questions that arise, you’ll be £750 out of pocket. Or subscribe to the tax investigations service and let us […]

Think You Are Invisible to HMRC? Think Again!

Entrepreneur’s Relief – Don’t Miss It

TAX INVESTIGATION PROTECTION In the past, HMRC’s role was to ensure that you or your business paid the right amount of tax. However, in recent times, its key objective has changed to maximise the amount of revenue it can collect from taxpayers. Indeed, over the next 12 months, HMRC is aiming to collect an additional […]

Tax Investigations Update

beware of self assessment scams

Not so long ago HMRC’s priorities included improving customer service and ensuring that individuals and businesses were only asked to pay the right amount of tax at the right time. However, we now live in a harsher reality. HMRC’s key objectives have changed and include the target to ‘maximise revenues due’ and ‘to transform tax […]