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Death of SA302

HMRC recently announced that from the 4th September they will no longer be issuing paper base copies of the SA302 to their tax payers or agents. The SA302 is effectively HMRC’s version of an individual’s income tax calculation for a respective tax year. It is usually issued by HMRC, upon request, following the submission of […]

Tax Investigation Case Studies

TAX INVESTIGATION CASE STUDIES  Contractor/ Freelancer Clients  VAT – HMRC have been increasing active in the contractor market, particularly where the Flat Rate Scheme is concerned. By the time we’ve dealt with the visit and the questions that arise, you’ll be £750 out of pocket. Or subscribe to the tax investigations service and let us […]

Tax Investigations Update

beware of self assessment scams

Not so long ago HMRC’s priorities included improving customer service and ensuring that individuals and businesses were only asked to pay the right amount of tax at the right time. However, we now live in a harsher reality. HMRC’s key objectives have changed and include the target to ‘maximise revenues due’ and ‘to transform tax […]