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Accounting for Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs And Bars

For many years we have been helping our restaurant, pubs and catering businesses in many ways. For example From an idea to setting up and starting a dream restaurant Improving and growing existing restaurant. Helping to revive many struggling restaurants Managing tax investigation in Income tax, vat and payroll. Generating more profit from the same […]

Company Director Responsabilities

Over the recent years, HMRC has introduced many strict rules that have a big impact on Company Directors. There is no longer a “free ride”, where Company Director responsibilities for the company’s affairs were very limited. Now, being a Company Director  means that he/she bears much more responsibility for the affairs of the company overall. […]

Auto Enrollment And Impact On Small Business

Will small business encounter issues with the looming compulsory auto enrollment for pensions? What this means to small business? The auto enrollment is still an unknown area for many small enterprises, but it is now, quickly becoming a topic to discuss by many. The auto enrollment and impact on small business is still not clear […]