HMRC New 2 Step Verification

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From this September, HMRC have made requirement for all business using online tax accounts to register for a 2 step verification. The aim of this is to provide user with greater security and safer online security.

If you are not already using it, when you log into your tax accounts it will ask you to register for the 2 step verification.

Questions that are frequently being asked are:

What is 2 Step Verification?

  • 2 Step Verification is a new way to add Security to customers government gateway credentials.
  • Instead of relying on information you know like user Id, it will request information like mobile or landline numbers.

Is 2 Step Verification New?

  • 2 Step Verification is not new.
  • It is backed up by National Cyber Security Centre and promoted by Cyber Aware and Action Fraud.
  • 2 Step Verification is used widely across well known brands and for online banking.
  • It began in December 2015, and since then it has million individuals and business have successfully set up.

This new 2 Step Verification will help HMRC take great protection of customers data extremely seriously. It will help us protect our credentials from fraud security and cyber criminals.

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