Parents Reminded to Update Children’s Details as Exam Results Are Revealed


Are you a parent?

Are you receiving child benefits, child tax credits?

Is your child 16+?

If the answer is yes then this information will come in useful to you.

As result have been released over England, Wales and Northern Ireland you need to inform HM Revenue and Customs of your child’s educational status otherwise payments will be stopped.

If your child is aged 16+ and continuing full-time education or undertaking an apprenticeship it is important you inform HM Revenue and Customs. If they are leaving education to start a full-time job you must report this change to avoid overpayments which you will have to pay back.

This information can be updated by your Personal Tax Account (PTA) to update both Child Benefits and Child Tax Credits. It is a quick and easy process and only takes a matter of minutes. More than 12 million customers have registered for PTA.

Personal Tax Accounts

  • Customers can access PTA on any device, PC, tablet or smartphone. It is secure and takes just a few minutes to get started.
  • If it is the first time using PTA you will need:
    • National Insurance Number
    • Recent Payslip or P60
    • A phone to receive a security access code.
  • The simple step for you to get started is:
    • Go to and click ‘start now’
    • Set up a Government Gateway account by answering a few simple questions. This is where you will need payslips or P60. Following this, a security access code will be sent to the customer’s phone.
    • Enter access code on the phone when prompted which takes straight to the account.
  • If you are unable to access the internet you can inform HMRC by calling 0300 200 3100 or writing to:
    • Child Tax Credit, Tax Credit Office, Preston, PR1 4AT
    • Child Benefit, Child Benefit Office, PO Box 1, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE88 1AA

If you fail to update this information you could be given a penalty for failing to report these changes and be prosecuted for benefit fraud.

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