Effective PR

effective PR as a business strategy

Have you ever come across the word Public relations (PR) and have you ever used this process in your company? Public relations is vital to your business as it builds your business image, reputation and what people say. The majority of people, especially your prospective customers, believe what other people say.

Public relations is a communication process that builds relationships between companies and their audience. Companies hire individuals to help protect, enhance or build their reputation through media. You can also hire PR agencies to analyse the company, find a positive message and translate those messages into positive media stories.

PR is an effective marketing strategy. It covers a lot of aspects that may influence the opinion of others. You need to recognise or create your own PR opportunities and know how best to communicate with the media that can reach your target audience.

You need to plan for PR. When the time comes for PR you need to set your own objectives and create a plan that will help your business achieve results in the media. Areas that you may want to consider are:

  • Think about the audiences you are trying to reach
  • Your immediate objective is positive publicity
  • Your longer-term goal may be to build your image and credibility
  • Plan well in advance
  • Look for publications that reach your target audience
  • Identify other options
  • Budget realistically for the time and costs involved

PR brings many opportunities to the table. Most businesses can generate natural opportunities from the PR activities they run. For example, a new product launch, opening of premises, appointment of a staff member and many more. You can also become involved with events and stories that are already in the public’s eyes.

PR helps create interest within the company. Areas that you need to consider when trying to create interest are journalists as they will only cover your story if they think it is interesting or newsworthy. Your story needs to be new and surprising, amusing and funny, important to the readership and linked with people and places.

Bad PR is when you have no underlying plan, no strategy and no real purpose. It doesn’t build a good image of the company and its products or services. Therefore, it is important you try and avoid bad publicity. Examples of bad publicity could be disgruntled employees, complaints from customers, crises and accidents. If you do have bad publicity it is important to put your side of the story, do not let journalists speak directly to your employees and take action.

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