Accounting for Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs And Bars

For many years we have been helping our restaurant, pubs and catering businesses in many ways.

For example

  • From an idea to setting up and starting a dream restaurant
  • Improving and growing existing restaurant.
  • Helping to revive many struggling restaurants
  • Managing tax investigation in Income tax, vat and payroll.
  • Generating more profit from the same restaurant

We have expertise in working with restaurants, pubs, hotels and catering businesses. We understand the opportunities, challenges and problems you face in managing business day in and day out.  For a successful restaurant it is fundamental requirement to provide great food, fine wine, the attractive ambiance. However, it is also crucial to seek professional advice from a specialist restaurant accountant on a number of other financial issues that could make the difference between success and failure.

Many small businesses are run by one family member and restaurants usually are no different. Many owners have previously worked in other restaurants as a restaurant manager, staff, chef, waiter etc. before opening their own restaurant. I have learnt myself that to run a business, it requires different types of skills and knowledge. After starting a business, we soon all realise the pressures and continuous struggle to make ends meet.

Many important things are overlooked because of pressure of running and managing the business. However, it is the fact that many areas need full attention. Such as: –

  • Food and Hygiene standards as per Food Standards Agency
  • Licencing rules for serving alcohol
  • Fire and Safety regulations
  • Employment laws
  • Managing staff
  • Managing finance
  • Customer services and public relationship
  • Companies Act or Partnership Act
  • Managing inventory / stocks for business
  • Record keeping

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