Sterling Finance Raises £6,000 For The Anthony Seddon Funds

On 15 February 2022, Curry On Business organised a charity dinner for the benefit of The Anthony Seddon Fund in Greater Manchester.  The guest speaker was Mr. Gerald Ratner, former CEO of the Ratner Group. The event marked the 10th Anniversary of Curry On Business, a non-profit networking group, in support of local businesses.

Kamlesh Rajput founded Curry on Business which is a local networking group that meets on the third Tuesday of every month at Aamani Restaurant in Tameside. The networking group was created just over 10 years ago to support small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and like-minded professionals. They meet and share their experiences; learn from each other and also support each other. The very first meeting was supported by 38 entrepreneurs and this provided the encouragement to continue the initiative.

Each year in February a Charity Dinner is organised to support local charities. So far Curry on Business has raised thousands of pounds for the following charities:

  • The Anthony Seddon Trust
  • Willow Wood Hospice
  • People First

The 10th Anniversary Event was sponsored by Sage, Nestlings Care,  Anthony Day, The Sustainable Futures Report and Sterling Finance  (UK) Limited.

On 15 February 2022, we raised £6,04.73 which was donated directly to The Anthony Seddon Fund.  We are committed to supporting mental health and well-being causes and will continue to make a difference to those who fall victim of this often invisible illness.

Acknowledgement from Harry Thomas, Business Manager and Donna Thomas, the CEO of The Anthony Seddon Fund:

Dear Kamlesh,

We would like to thank you for your generous donations totalling £6,004.73. We would also like to thank you for the continued support you have given to our charity. Your kind donations will help us to continue to provide support to people in our communities who can access a variety of activities and groups at our Centre. Please can you kindly pass on our thanks to all involved.