Download ‘Invest In The UK‘ Reports

These four guides will help you when it comes to expand
and invest in the UK, taxation and employing people in the UK.

The UK as Entreprenuer Friendly guide
Expand and Invest in the UK
Taxation System in the UK guide
Employing People in the UK guide

Download ‘Making Tax Digital‘ Report

Making Tax Digital for Business is a Government initiative also known as MTD.

This is a legal requirement implemented and monitored by HMRC.

Find out what you need to do to comply.

download making tax digital report

Download ‘Business Plan‘ Report

A Business Plan will take you through a process where you will have many options to choose from with the aim of generating wealth or profit.

With or without a Business Plan every business survives and grows by choosing several strategies to generate profit.

Download our latest ‘Business Plan’ report.

Business Plan report download

Download ‘How To Survive Tax Investigation‘ Report

No one waits in eager anticipation of receiving post from HMRC. A brown HMRC marked envelope is just the type of post many people absolutely dread opening!

Download our latest report and discover how to protect yourself and your business during Tax Investigation period.

Download ‘Tax Investigation Survival Guide For Restaurant Owner‘ Report

If you are in the business of serving food then you are a likely target for a HMRC tax investigation. Whether you run a restaurant, takeaway, sandwich bar or any fast-food business, then you fall into the “Restaurant” category according to HM Revenue and Customs.

As a restaurant owner, you may not have been investigated in the past so you may well be thinking that you have nothing to worry about. Download our latest report and protect your business.